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Your Surgeons

Your Surgeons

All of the doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and health care providers that will be involved in your care are specialist in their fields and/or are regularly reviewed to ensure safety and professionalism. We urge you to please take the time to get to know our medical and health care providers.

One of the country’s leading surgeon and medical professional practicing in South Florida has formed JOSEPH SURGERY. Providing surgical options such as: thyroid surgery, colo-rectal, gallbladder, hernia repair, hemorrhoid, skin and breast surgery.

Our surgeon and medical staff represent South Florida’s elite institution for the treatment of surgical diseases. Our doctor is not only recognized in south Florida as a leading surgeon, but are also actively sought out for his experience and expertise in all areas of general surgery, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery. He is passionate about the positive impact his surgical management has on the lifestyles of his patients.  

Dr Romane Joseph

Romane Joseph, MD

Romane Joseph



University of Miami

Medical School

UMDNJ-Piscataway School of Medicine

Surgical Training

Brookdale University Hospital


Dr. Joseph stands at the forefront of the latest advances in general, minimally invasive, and patient care. It means that his patients gain access to the most promising therapies and innovative treatments in the country. He is committed to achieving excellence.

Known for the quality of his results and the personal care he provides, Dr. Joseph is dedicated to seeking the best outcome for every patient. His careful attention to details, combined with the latest surgical techniques, means patients achieve better results with less discomfort and rapid recovery.

Choosing a surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon may be the most important decision you make. The surgeon who performs your procedure will also be part of your support team for years to come, so it’s important for you to feel at ease with him or her. The staff at your surgeon’s office will also be an important part of your support team. Your goal is to make sure that you feel well supported by the entire surgical practice right from the start.

Ask Questions

To help you determine if the proposed surgery is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of topics. We encourage you to add to this list and to ask as many questions as you want.

Top criteria for choosing a surgeon

Some of the most important considerations when choosing a surgeon include:

  • The surgeon’s experience

The surgeons’ experience performing the procedures: Experienced surgeons have been shown to report significantly lower surgery complication rates and shorter operating times. You are entitled to ask about the number of procedures a surgeon has performed and the clinical outcomes data.

  • Your confidence in the surgeon

You may want to take the opportunity to speak with the surgeon’s patients. Patients willing to refer family, friends, and other interested candidates are a good indication of the surgeon’s quality.

  • The surgeon’s commitment to your success

Your surgeon should provide long-term care with follow-up appointments, information, and support resources programs. This allows your surgeon to step in precisely when needed to keep you on track. Ask your surgeon how he or she will help you achieve and maintain a healthier tomorrow.

  • The staff at the surgeon’s office

Your surgical team will include the surgeon and members of the surgeon’s office staff. You will work closely with this team before and long after surgery, so it’s important for you to meet everyone and talk about how you will work together to help you reach your goals.

  • Whether the surgeon is part of your insurance network

If you have health insurance, we recommend contacting your insurance provider to see if the surgeon you choose and the surgery you select are covered by your plan. Choosing a surgeon that is part of your insurance network can help reduce out-of-pocket costs. If you need assistance, we can show you how to work with your insurance provider.

To find the surgeons who meet your needs, we encourage you to sit with them and attend their information seminars. You will learn about surgical options, you will meet the surgical team members who will support you before and long after your surgery, and you may also hear from patients who have had the same type of surgery you plan on having. There’s no pressure to make a commitment and no better way to get your questions answered.

If you do NOT feel that the surgical clinic hosting the seminar fits your needs, we encourage you to attend another seminar in your area. Many people find it helpful to attend more than one and obtain other opinions before they choose a surgeon.

Please, register to ensure that you have your personalized time with your surgeon.